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Bovine skin large Black fur

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Our extra large cowhides are a wonderful addition to your interior. Because of the many natural colors, there is always a color in your living room or elsewhere in your living environment. This cowhide is also beautiful piece of wall covering on the larger walls.

  • large size
  • Free shipping in the Netherlands
  • Guaranteed Nature friendly tanned in the Netherlands, without environmentally unfriendly or toxic substances, this is also checked by us.
  • Nicely made flat.
  • very durable
  • These cattle skins are also for sale and see in our showroom.
  • Comes exclusively from the Netherlands, not from dark eastern or south American countries whose origin and operation is unknown.
  • As good as odorless, almost only the color of leather.
  • These cowhides are a natural product, color and shape are only an approximation of the photo, there may be differences in the drawing and color of your skin received.
  • Delivered quickly
  • Size is about 180x180 to 200x200cm, almost 4 m2 so !!


  • Regularly vacuuming in the direction of the hair, knocking out outside is also allowed.
  • In the case of a newly stained stain, wipe off the stain with a cloth, with some stains of water with green soap, always rub with the hair. If it is possible to leave the back (the leather) dry, otherwise it will become hard and stiff. Allow to dry naturally, not near a heat source, or in bright sunlight.
  • Sprinkling your cowhide with a bit of water from time to time keeps your skin smoother, but here too; not too wet, keep the leather dry at the bottom