Water features

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Water features

You will find most exclusive water features at Eliassen Home & Garden Pleasure. We are proud to say that we are a true specialist in this area! We always have at least 300 models of water features and fountains in working order and very much in stock, including all supplies such as water pumps, water trays, grate, LED lights, etc. You can decorate your garden with the help of water ornaments . Water features are small monuments that you can easily place in your garden. As the name suggests, water plays in the ornaments. There are countless different ornaments, including fountains, waterfall, water bowl or a combination of these. A water ornament or water feature provides a very lively and attractive garden. Birds often come to these ornaments, which really provides a natural and lively environment. With the help of LED lighting on the ornament you can also make your garden shine completely in the evening.


Our showroom

Many of our water features can be seen on our outside grounds and in our shop in working condition. In our extensive collection you will find water ornaments of marble, granite, plastic, stainless steel and concrete. You can find the marble versions in unique and beautiful models. You can choose from polished water pyramids, water columns and various images.

The plastic sets and the stone patio fountains are movable and can be placed in the garden without digging. Furthermore, these complete sets are available with and without light. Your garden has a wonderful effect in the evening with the lighting of the stainless steel fountain. You can also find complete sets with an underground water tank with us.


Operation of a water ornament

A water ornament simply consists of three parts: the ornament itself, a pump and a water reservoir. The ornament is the part that you immediately see. The water must be pumped up to serve as a fountain. The water ornament pump takes care of this. The higher the highest point, the more powerful the pump must be. If you place an ornament in a pond, you do not need a water reservoir. The pump can simply use the water from the pond. This is also good for the fish, because it provides movement in the pond water. Movement in the pond water again provides oxygen for the fish. If you do not want to use pond water, you can install a separate water reservoir. The water reservoir also serves as a collection bin. The water that causes the water feature to flow down into the drain pan. In the case of terrace fountains, the ornament is also the water supply and you do not have to dig into it.


Different materials

There are various materials that can be used for water ornaments, including marble, granite, plastic, stainless steel and concrete. The marble versions are often slightly more expensive, but are also very unique. It is of great importance that the materials are of good quality. After all, the water feature is always outside and must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Moreover, the constant water flow must not cause any damage. Naturally, the ornament must remain beautiful for as long as possible. Therefore choose a good version, for example of natural stone. Natural stone has a beautiful appearance and also has minimal erosion and wear.


Exclusive water feature models

The best thing is of course to order exclusive models. These models are not just found in other gardens. With this you develop your own modern, unique and attractive garden. An exclusive ornament ensures absolute peace in your garden. And ensures that you are also distinctive.


Use lighting

Even in the dark, you want your water feature to stand out. Fortunately that is possible. There are countless types of LED lighting that make this possible. In the evening hours you can get a very nice effect by turning on LED lighting. The water ornament then sparkles like never before. It is therefore certainly advisable to purchase LED lighting with the ornament. Or even better: order an all-in-1 ornament with built-in LED lighting.


Water features

Have a marble, granite, plastic, stainless steel or concrete water feature installed in your garden. You can choose from mobile complete plastic and fixed complete models. No excavation work is required for the mobile models. You can also find wall fountains in various beautiful images with us.

We also offer the best supplies for water features such as pumps, water troughs, grilles and ornament lights. A water feature brings peace and serenity to your garden. Click further and order one of our exclusive and beautiful models.

View the beautiful water features and water features that we offer for sale. Order a fountain or water feature for your garden today.

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