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Are you considering buying one or more pedestals ? Then you will certainly succeed at Eliassen. You can use a base as a plant column or raised for a beautiful work of art, so that it comes into its own better.

For example, pedestals are used for various purposes. They are also ideal for use as an elevation for an image between plants. Plinths contribute to creating a beautiful ambiance for your artwork in the garden, but also for your driveway with a fence. We now have a beautiful collection of different garden bases and they fit in both a classic and modern style.


Material and combinations of bases

Plinths come in different materials, shapes and sizes. For example, we have a selection of squares and rectangular variants, but we also supply them in spherical shapes. Plinths are often placed in the garden as an elevation of a work of art or sculpture. As a result, the artwork is slightly higher, which makes the whole stand out better. They can be beautifully combined with various types of artwork, such as stone statues, metal statues and bronze statues. A very nice combination is raised garden base in combination with a beautiful pharaoh cat or a pharaoh dog. Set up a few spots here and your garden will be completely revived. Garden bases are available in wood, granite stone and corten steel and can even be used in combination with a fire bowl or sundial. So pedestals for images gives a beautiful look and feel for both inside and outside.


What to look for when buying a pedestal

You can place a base almost anywhere, because our bases are made of very high quality cast stone and other high-quality materials such as strong steel. Thanks to our qualitative choice of materials, our bases are resistant to all types of weather and some bases can get a protective rust layer when exposed to light, which protects against rust and corrosion. Depending on the artwork you put on it, a 1: 3 ratio is an obvious choice. Think where you want to put it, protected or centrally where you can enjoy it. You can also bury it in part and cover it with a layer of clay pellets. For advice you can contact us or visit our physical showroom.


View our pedestals in our showroom in Ammerzoden

You can easily order a wooden wall panel and any other product online, but you can also visit us at the location. Eliassen has one of the largest physical showrooms in the Netherlands. We are located at Haarstraat 44 in Ammerzoden, about 8 km away from Den Bosch. The coffee is always ready, so come and have a look. In addition to our beautiful collection of pedestals, also known as plant columns, you can also come to us for beautiful water ornaments and a very large collection of unique paintings. You can also pass various wall decorations, clocks, pots, statues and many other unique products. In short, we have a unique product for every taste. Hope to see you soon!


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