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Polymer Concrete Water Bowls

Polymer Concrete Water Bowls

Are you looking for beautiful decoration for your garden, but do you want something different than a new planter? Decorate your garden or balcony with an Adezz water bowl made of polymer concrete and enjoy a beautiful atmosphere in your outdoor living room for years. You will also find a unique Adezz water bowl collection at Eliassen Home & Garden Pleasure.


Advantages of ADEZZ polymer concrete water bowls

Polymer concrete is primarily a very beautiful material, but a water bowl in this material provides you with many more interesting benefits:

  • Durable material: polymer concrete water bowls are very durable. Even after years of use, they are not subject to wear.
  • Easy to maintain: the Adezz polymer concrete water bowl is naturally very smooth. And that promotes self-cleaning. In this way, additional maintenance is hardly necessary.
  • Ideal water bowl for the garden: polymer concrete is extremely strong and completely frost-resistant and liquid-tight. This outdoor water bowl can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Functional garden decoration: A polymer concrete water bowl from the Adezz brand is not only useful for the people who watch it, but also functions as a drinking trough for birds. After all, the polymer concrete water bowl for birds does not absorb dirt, so that the drinking water is always wonderfully fresh.


Water bowl garden: garden ideas

Are you completely captivated by the polymer concrete water bowls of the Dutch brand Adezz, but do you lack inspiration for the placement of your small or large water bowl? With this garden decoration you can happily go in all directions. Water bowls for the garden, whether you have a large or small garden, should not be missing. Especially if you want to decorate your garden beautifully.

Adezz polymer concrete water bowls on a pedestal

Do you have one or more pedestals in your garden or on your balcony? Give your plinth extra emphasis by placing a unique polymer concrete water bowl on it. Don't have a pedestal for your Adezz water bowl yet? Then take a look at Eliassen 's huge range of pedestals.

Adezz polymer concrete water bowls on a table

A water bowl also comes into its own on a large patio table. Place your polymer concrete water bowl in the center of your table to immediately make it stand out or place it on the corner of your table for a special effect. If you specifically want a water bowl for birds in the garden, you can place it in every corner of the garden.


Buy polymer concrete water bowls at Eliassen

At Eliassen Home & Garden Pleasure you will find a nice range of polymer concrete water bowls from Adezz in various sizes. Order your water bowl online or visit our showroom in Ammerzoden. You will find all kinds of garden products from the Adezz brand, a real class brand. Are you still orientating or do you want to view our collection of garden products LIVE? Then come by sometime.