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Wall fountains

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Wall fountains


Wall fountain

Choosing a wall fountain is a great investment to redecorate your personal space. These functions have a soothing sound that can help you relax. It is crucial that you take the time to ensure that you choose the best wall fountain for your needs. A well-chosen wall fountain is something you will enjoy for a long time. We at Eliassen help you with your choice of a wall fountain.


Wall fountain for inside or outside


The first choice you'll have to make is whether the wall fountain is placed indoors or outdoors. Although it is often possible to use an outdoor fountain indoors, the opposite is usually not possible. Once you have decided whether you want to place the fountain inside or outside, you can limit your options considerably. Are you stuck? Then choose a design that you like and ask where you can place it.


Assembly of a wall fountain


Now that you have chosen the wall fountain that you like, or at least limited the choice, you must ensure that you have a safe place to mount it. If the wall fountain is mounted on the wall, make sure that the wall can handle the weight of the fountain when it is filled with water. The placement of the fountain can have a major influence on how often you have to clean the fountain and how much effort this takes. You should also pay attention to the environment, because there is a chance that water will splash from the fountain. This means that placement next to a large screen TV is not a good idea. This of course does not mean that the area gets soaked! No stress.


Whether the wall fountain is placed indoors or outdoors, you will have to think about animals that may come into contact with the fountain. Each wall fountain can possibly be accessible to a pet. Outdoor fountains can easily be reached by wildlife. The water that you put into the wall fountain is not the problem here. The problem that can occur when animals have access to the fountain is what treatment you use for the water. You don't necessarily have to use anything to treat the water; However, if you have a problem with algae, fungi or other similar contaminants, you may decide that you should treat the water between cleanings. If you do use treatments, make sure that the chemicals are safe for animals that have access to the water.


Come and see more than 300 working fountains LIVE!

We hope we have informed you well so that you can finally make the long-awaited choice. Need help? Do not hesitate to contact us. Or feel free to drop by, we are located in Ammerzoden, 8 km away from Den Bosch. Then be sure to take a look at our show grounds where you can enjoy dozens of working water ornaments , but also a large collection of stone statues that we have in a beautiful garden.