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3D paintings metal

3D metal paintings are paintings made on a metal plate with images made of metal. The images are welded on the plate. This creates a tough painting. The details stand out well, which makes the painting very unique. The metal paintings are very sturdy and also light in weight.


Why a 3D painting?

The term 3D stands for three-dimensional, which indicates that the painting has three geometric dimensions: depth, width and height. This gives a very nice effect to the painting. That's why many people now opt for a 3D painting.


What should I look out for?

A painting is a work of art that has to evoke something from you. You can look at the artwork without getting bored for a second. You can empathize with the artist: what inspired him and what did he want to express with this painting? Not everyone looks at a painting in the same way. That is why bad is not right or wrong when it comes to art. Your interior, along with art, gives your house a certain expression.


Abstract or figurative?

Before you choose a painting, you can already consider whether you want to purchase an abstract or figurative painting. An abstract painting usually stands out less on the wall and does not immediately tell a story. Everyone has their own interpretation of this artwork. A figurative painting usually shows an image that appeals to you personally. Think of your favorite animal or a holiday destination. In addition, there are also double executed paintings, which are very unique.


Come by in the showroom

Of course you can also come and visit us in the showroom. You can then view paintings and you can ask for advice from one of our employees. Moreover, you can get a lot more feeling from the painting in the showroom. Does it really appeal to you? Does the artwork appeal to you just as much as when you visited our webshop?

The costs of a 3D painting can vary widely, but the price starts from just 89 euros.

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