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Outlet Water Features

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Outlet Water Features



Enrich your garden with a water feature.When your garden is equipped with all the desired plants and trees, you are often not completely satisfied. Something is missing, but what exactly? Then put down something unique, which gives atmosphere to your garden and tells something about yourself. A beautiful water feature is the ideal decoration that you can add to your garden. In the collection of outlet water features you will find the most beautiful models.


What is a water feature?

What exactly is a water feature? A water feature is actually a small garden fountain. For example, you can place a water feature near your pond. But if you don't have one, or even have a small yard, you can place the fountain separately from a pond, such as on the patio or porch. But if you live on a smaller scale, we even have small fountains that you can place beautifully on a balcony. The great thing about a fountain is that we offer it in so many styles and sizes. But for us, one thing is paramount: all water features are of the best quality! We guarantee that.



Qualitative water features in our Outlet water features


At Eliassen you will find different types and sizes of water features. We even have classic and modern water ornaments, waterfalls, statues (such as Buddha or Chinese warriors), or modern beautiful Ubbink water ornament water globes. We want everyone to have the opportunity to bring nature closer to themselves. That is why we have a water ornaments outlet, where you will certainly succeed for a competitively priced water ornament. Take a look at our wide range. We have a unique wall fountain (Hallow large) from our own Eliassen line and beautiful abstract water fountains that are made of polished bluestone. For the real lovers, we even offer Ubbink water features in our water ornament outlet.



Want more inspiration? Visit our showroom


In our outlet water ornaments you will find nice and beautiful water columns, but if you are looking for a water ornament set, we can help you with this too. Do you want even more atmosphere, especially when it gets darker in the evening? Then get inspired for a water feature with lighting. For example, view our complete water feature sets with burial bucket and lighting. In most cases, these ornaments have LED lighting, which creates a beautiful effect with the flowing water. We have a very large show area where you can see the working fountains! You can also directly view our images that you can also place in the garden. In short, you can find beautiful things for your garden with us, and above all you can also find products that are UNIQUE and no one else has. View all products online or visit our physical store in Ammerzoden.