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Plastic water bowl various sizes for ornament or fountain

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Water troughs made of strong polyethylene, frost resistant. In various sizes. The larger the content, the less often you have to refill water. These bins are normally buried in the garden. The sizes 65 and 88cm are also suitable for placing them above the ground, in combination with a cover that comes over the box. The weight of the ornament may not be too heavy. On these trays you can place polyester lids or galvanized grids. When using grids, place pond liner between the water trough and the grate, to prevent water loss due to the capillary action of the grate and to collect splash water and return it to the trough.
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750ltr dia 122x82cm high

500ltr dia 104x82cm high
275ltr dia 110x35cm high
230ltr dia 84x55cm high
150ltr dia 88x32cm high
90ltr dia 67x35cm high
65ltr dia 60x35cm high