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Plexiglass paintings

Plexiglass paintings

Do you want to enrich your space with a beautiful wall decoration, or rather a beautiful painting? Then you can decorate your interior with beautiful plexiglass paintings . Plexiglass paintings are currently a very popular group. In general, a plexiglass painting gives a sleek and modern look because there is a so-called depth effect in the painting. The purchase of such a modern wall decoration does not have to cost thousands or tens of thousands of euros. You can succeed at Eliassen for every budget and get quality in return. In short, we have a beautiful painting or wall decoration for every amount and taste.

Affordable and stylish plexiglass paintings
A stylish and nicely laid out interior in the home: supplement with Plexiglas paintings , who wouldn't want that? Creating a cool and comfortable interior seems easy. Many homeowners and tenants think that the floor, furniture and wall color all determine the atmosphere that your home radiates. That's true, but this isn't the whole story. Without beautiful images and photos on the walls, your living room still doesn't have a real atmosphere... So choose stylish photos or paintings on the wall, such as plexiglass paintings .

What is a plexiglass painting and what are the advantages?

Plexiglass paintings by Eliassen are a striking appearance that come into their own in every room. So a real eye-catcher! These wall decorations are known for their razor-sharp quality, among other things. These razor-sharp images on the back ensure a beautiful and clear painting hangs on the wall. Another big advantage of Plexiglas is that it is just as clear as glass, but is lighter in weight. So if you opt for a large size, it is easy to assemble. Plexiglass paintings are also more flexible, without loss of firmness and quality. Your purchase is therefore a sure thing and you will be able to enjoy your wall decoration for years to come. Our plexiglass paintings are available in different thicknesses and sizes. Inquire about the possibilities.

Hang stylish plexiglass paintings on the wall

Plexiglass paintings have become an exact trend in the field of decoration for several years now. They are therefore extremely suitable for transforming an unattractive room into a fascinating space where there is plenty to see and enjoy. But what makes plexiglass paintings so special?

  • Plexiglass is stronger than regular glass and can withstand a knock. For example, Plexiglas is no less than thirty times stronger than tableware glass. In short: plexiglass paintings can hardly be broken.
  • In terms of weight, Plexiglas is a lot lighter than regular glass. Your paintings will therefore hang better and the risk of them falling off the wall due to the weight is smaller than with 'normal' glass.
  • An important advantage of paintings and photos on Plexiglas is that there is no discoloration, which is a risk with ordinary glass.

Order your plexiglass with photo or painting at Eliassen now

For the strongest and most beautiful paintings of plexiglass and plexiglass photos that you can use for wall decoration, check out the discounted collection of Eliassen Home and Garden. Eliassen in Ammerzoden is the regional expert when it comes to the most beautiful decorations in Plexiglas. A plexiglass photo painting is easy to order from us. If you have any questions about this, you can of course always contact us.

Come and see all the paintings LIVE!

Everyone is unique and has a different taste. If you want to buy a painting, you will always find a painting or other product that suits you. This can be a plexiglass painting, but also an aluminum, a modern, an abstract or a classic painting. Our webshop is set up in such a way that you can also easily order online and immediately have a clear choice from our wide range. Would you rather see our products in person? That is very understandable. We at Eliassen have one of the largest showrooms in the Netherlands and at least 4,000 paintings in stock. That's just unique. In recent years we have expanded our specialism of paintings with many different products. We not only have an incredibly wide variety of paintings that we offer, but also beautiful water features , fountains, bronze statues, metal statues and all kinds of other wall decorations and products. All these products are in our large showroom and can be viewed live. Come by and we will provide a warm welcome and a nice cup of coffee! We are only 8 km away from Den Bosch. Hopefully we can give you a tour soon and hopefully see you soon!


More than 2,000 paintings to view in our showroom

We can deliver almost 2,000 paintings immediately. In our shop in Ammerzoden (8km from Den Bosch) you can enjoy all kinds of paintings that we offer. We also sell 3D metal paintings, canvas paintings and much more. You can always find a beautiful painting for wall decoration in your home or office. We have a very strong range when it comes to wall decoration. On this page you will find many paintings on plexiglass