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Buy bronze statues

Bronze sculptures are pure art. More and more people are choosing to have these exclusive images in their garden or house. Bronze sculptures give an exclusive and precious appearance, whereby the art of the sculpture comes to the fore. We offer exclusive bronze sculptures and we dare to state that we distinguish ourselves in terms of what is available in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Why an image of bronze?

An exclusively designed bronze sculpture impresses every person. The artwork has emotional value, made with pure craftsmanship. The symbolism that the artwork carries with it often has a great psychological effect. Moreover, the bronze statues also last a very long time. Most bronze sculptures last for more than 1000 years. So you can say that it is almost indestructible and that in principle you never have to throw it away. It is therefore also a good investment: you get a beautiful garden, as long as you want. After all, it does not end.



Bronze sculptures come in a huge number of shapes and sizes. It has an extremely stylish look and looks good in any garden. Moreover, the bronze statue does not end: it is preserved. There are bronze sculptures in the form of people or animals, for example. Animals can be very extensive: from horses to a large eagle, or from a snail to a cat. All bronze statues are very detailed and nicely finished.


Give away a bronze statue as a gift

A bronze statue does not only have to be for yourself. You can also give a bronze sculpture as a promotional gift. An image will undoubtedly leave a good impression on your relations. After all, it is a precious gift and therefore the person knows that the relationship between you and him / her is important. A gift that has been carefully selected is always appreciated by relations and also has a positive impact. A performance figurine is especially nice to give away when a family member, friend or colleague has put down an important achievement. There are also other times when you can give a figurine as a gift. Consider, for example, the birth of a child, figurines about good cooperation or figurines aimed at sports.


Certificate with every model

Bronze sculptures always come with a certificate. This certificate demonstrates the authenticity of the image. The details of the bronze plastic are stated on the certificate.

To order bronze statues via Eliassen:

  • The highest quality on the market;
  • Well-finished, detailed images;
  • Expected lifespan of 1000 years
  • Certificate is supplied with every image


Are you interested in our exclusive bronze sculptures? Then click further to search and order the image that fits in your garden via our webshop.

Please contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or call us on telephone number: 073 5992869.