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ADEZZ Bio Cleaner & Protector

Article code Biocleaner

Treat at least twice a year with our maintenance product. This product ensures that the dirt comes out of the pores and then you can treat the containers with the protector, which provides a protective wax layer.

User manual cleaner/protector:

1. First spray off the coarse pollution with water (not with a high-pressure cleaner!)
2. Spray the product with ADEZZ CLEANER / PROTECTOR (100% biodegradable)
3. The ADEZZ CLEANER / PROTECTOR pulls the dirt out of the pores of the polyester
4. After 1 minute, clean with water and a rough brush (no steel wool or scouring pad!)
5. Rinse with water
6. Finally, apply ADEZZ CLEANER / PROTECTOR again with a soft cloth