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Stone sculpture owl 20cm

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Beautiful stone statue of an owl, handmade on a 20cm boulder. First the image is drawn on the boulder, after which the lines and some surfaces are cut out with a chisel, so that differences in depth arise. The highest parts are then carefully polished. A huge job, but the result may be there.

This hand-worked stone is allowed inside, but of course also outside, it will also remain beautiful outside, feel free to find a nice place for it.

The photo is only an example, because it is a natural product, and each item is different in shape, color or appearance.

  • Size: 15cm high
  • Material: Granite
  • color: Brown in various shades
  • Nowhere else for sale
  • Beautiful to give as a gift
  • Own limited stock.

The owl is the symbol when it comes to a common connection of wisdom and great consciousness. With the owl, you probably have the ability to see what is normally invisible to most people. When the spirit of this animal is your guide, you may be able to see the real reality, beyond the illusion and deception. The owl also provides those who have it with the necessary inspiration and guidance to fully explore the unknown and the power of spirituality.