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Miniature metal vehicles

Miniature metal vehicles: large eye-catchers
Miniature metal statues are fascinating. A metal vehicle has been built for each mission. Miniature metal vehicles are big eye-catchers! They attract attention when you see them in one place. Color, design, perception of time, material and technology take you to every conceivable mission. Our collection of miniature images is definitely recommended for viewing. You can view them in our webshop but you are also very welcome in our store. We have many images for the home or office.

Why metal miniature vehicles as a decoration?

The handmade miniature images are available in various types of vehicles. Tin & metal largely determine the material with which these beautiful metal sculptures have acquired their shape and texture. The metal sculptures are built with great care, accuracy and a sense of detail. Handicraft is a remarkable point in this range. This has created a traditional look. This makes the metal statues extra unique and even more loved.

Great variation in our range of miniature images

Our range consists of different types of metal vehicles. You can choose from different versions in the categories: tractor, sports car, airplane, taxi, motor chopper, tow truck, bulldozer, convertible, station wagon, double decker and so on. Our offer is wide and diverse. That means that there is something for everyone.


Miniature metal vehicles as a wonderful gift

These beautiful eye-catchers fit almost anywhere in the house. A miniature vehicle can land anywhere that you pick up and take you somewhere. As an asset to your decoration, you do justice to a beautiful piece of authentic image. Where these eye-catchers show themselves, time has a different experience. You will then be taken out of your mind for a moment and taken in a unique vehicle. The metal miniature vehicles are beautiful as a decoration for your home or company. Of course you can also give the metal miniature vehicles to a dear person.


Many types of images can be found in our webshop

In recent years, we have increasingly focused our specialization on our large collection of sculptures, water features and our paintings. So you can find everything for your interior. Are you working on a renovation of your home or office, then you can find many beautiful products that complement your interior. Everyone wants a beautiful interior decoration. Take a look in our webshop or visit our store in Ammerzoden, 8 km away from Den Bosch.

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