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King frog pair bronze

Article code 994326

Nicely designed statue of a cheerful frog, made of 100% bronze with a minimum copper content of 75%.
Beautiful to dress up your home or business, but also a nice gift for a jubilee or birthday.
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The frog also has a symbolic meaning; He starts out as a frog in the ditch. In the water, which symbolizes emotions. Then the frog transforms into a tadpole! The tadpole tries to survive in the water.

The frog can also move on land; the earth element. They are then both feet on the ground.
The better the frog feels, the higher the jumps the frog makes. The better the frog feels in the air! The element of air symbolizes your world of thoughts.
The frog thus symbolizes transformation (change from tadpole to frog), fertility (many eggs) and the union of elements (earth and water)! She can feel good in the air (thoughts, theorize) if the frog is feeling well, but needs the earth!
Size: 35x22x35 cm high total.
Warranty: 20 years.
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