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Buying a sheepskin ? A sheep skin can be a true enrichment for your interior. Having a sheepskin does not only look nice and cozy, but it can be used in several ways. This can vary from a warm carpet to decoration and from a warm blanket to a nice place for your pet. Before a skin is sold, it first undergoes a tanning process. How does this work? What else can you use a sheepskin for? And why can you better buy a sheepskin instead of a synthetic variant?


How does the tanning process of sheep skins work?

By tanning the skin of a sheep, the natural properties of the product are retained. This means that the product lasts a long time and the quality of the skin remains high, even in the longer term. The sheep skins are residual products from slaughterhouses, which means that the animals have not had to suffer unnecessarily for making sheepskin products and that no sheep are killed for their skin. The coarse coats are preserved in brine before the coat is washed extensively with soap and water. The bacteria are then killed by immersing the coats in a mixture of acid, salt and fat. With a machine, most of the moisture is squeezed out of the coat, after which the fur is laid for several days to dry. Finally, the skin is stretched, sanded, combed and ironed.


A sheep skin is a natural and sustainable product

When you use sheepskin products, you know that you are dealing with a natural and sustainable product. Because no synthetic additives have been used, you can easily contribute to a better environment. Natural sheepskin products give a natural, pleasant warmth, but can breathe through the structure at the same time. This creates an unpleasant, sweaty feeling less quickly than plastic alternatives. With good maintenance, the skin can last for a long time, without losing quality.


The many applications of a sheepskin

The coat of a sheep can be used in many ways. Outside of rugs and decorative products, such coats also have a therapeutic effect. People who are bedridden and lying on sheepskin generally experience fewer complaints such as pain and bedsores than people lying on a plastic surface. But also as a pillow or as a blanket on cold winter evenings, the skins are an ideal way to stay warm.


Why buy a sheepskin?

Buying sheep skin has several advantages. The coat gives your home a natural atmosphere and because the coats are available in various colors and sizes, there is a suitable coat for every interior. You can save on your heating costs in cold days by heating yourself in a natural way. Reduce pain in yourself or in your pet by choosing a coat as a substrate. In addition, it also feels wonderfully soft. You can buy a sheepskin from Eliassen, but also look at other beautiful products in our showroom.


Important details that you need to know

  • All skins and coats are personally checked by us for origin and nature friendly processing
  • Everything is pure nature
  • Everything 100% top quality
  • A lot to look at in our case
  • Coats are super-tight with respect to the wool, supple, odorless (everything only smells like leather)
  • Babycare coats are coats that are tanned so that they can be washed. They also offer a solution for people with eg pressure ulcers
  • Skins, especially the cowhides: very durable, natural atmosphere in the house, also beautiful as wall decoration. Reindeer skins super warm at the feet
  • No animal is killed for just the skin or coat, everything is a residual product of butchers from healthy animals
  • Our coats and skins are not tanned with chemicals with heavy metals such as the stunters on the market (eg IKEA), only a nature-friendly process that is much more complex and requires many more actions.
  • Almost all of our sheepskins come from NL
  • No goods from dark countries such as the Eastern Bloc countries whose origins can not be traced and where they do not have an eye for the environment.

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