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Sundial bronze on a high foot

Article code Ga0221
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Dress up your garden or indoors beautifully with a bronze sundial. The authentic look of this sundial is a real feast for the eyes if you like authentic statues and sundials made of bronze, brass or copper. This bronze sundial has a beautiful color and a nice appearance.

How do sundials work?

A sundial works as a tool to indicate time using the sun. This can be, for example, in the form of a surface or in the form of a disc.

The copper content of this bronze sundial is at least 75%. This guarantees a very long service life. Most statues have M8 screw thread on the bottom with which a statue can be attached to, for example, a column.

We have a wide collection of different bronze sundials. These can be viewed on the site, but you can also visit our showroom to experience them live!

  • Dimensions: 60x45x50cm
  • Material: Bronze