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ADEZZ Ecolines Garden Edging Edge Enclosure

ADEZZ Ecolines Garden Edging Edge Enclosure

Adezz ECOLINES edging is a perfect solution to create beautiful edging in the garden. ECOLINES was originally developed for the pond edge. Nevertheless, the product is increasingly used as edging for other parts of the garden, such as:

• Lawn edging

• Edge closure terrace

• Edge confinement gravel path

• Edge closure ornamental gravel

• Edge confinement flower beds and plant beds

ECOLINES recyclable garden borders from Adezz

Adezz products are already known for their durability and high quality. ECOLINES garden edging proves this once again. ECOLINES lace closure is made from 100% recycled material. As a result, the material is used for a second production. The ECOLINES edging material can also be recycled again. So you can say that it is very durable. You also get a five-year warranty on it.

ECOLINES flexible edge closure

ECOLINES garden edging is ideal for projects where curves or other shapes need to be applied. Because ECOLINES garden borders are made of thin, rollable material, the products are suitable for almost every garden project that requires garden frames. Partly because of this, ECOLINES garden edging edging is incredibly popular for lawn and garden edges. The system is used professionally for large garden projects as well as for private (smaller) garden projects.

Install ECOLINES garden edging

When you plan to buy ECOLINES edging from Adezz, it is useful to know in advance how you will work the edges and place them in the garden. You can just saw and drill the ECOLINES belts, just like with wood. When sawing, make sure to use a saw blade with coarse teeth for better cooling and to prevent plastic melting.

The best way to keep the ECOLINES edging in place is to use wooden picket posts. Or they serve as support when cornering. To make a straight boarding, we recommend that you unroll the ECOLINES edge closure and let it rest for a while. Do you have any questions about ECOLINES garden borders or are you interested?

Contact us via the website or visit our showroom in Ammerzoden for personal advice.